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Therapy horses, helping those with special needs, be a part of their story!!

Join Upward Transitions in the Big Give 2018!! Our goal is to fully fund our therapy horse Cowboy for 1 year. Cowboy supports 8 riders each week and each of them look forward to seeing him, having fun and breaking new boundaries!!

The mission of Upward Transitions is to enhance the lives of individuals with physical, emotional and/or cognitive challenges. Using horse-related programs participants become more self-sufficient and build coping skills to achieve their fullest potential. They gain independence by feeling the freedom of sitting on top of a horse and leaving the confines of their disability behind. For individuals with cognitive or emotional challenges, the unique relationship formed between a rider and horse can lead to increased confidence, patience and self-esteem. While learning to ride may be the objective, in the process of learning to ride comes the therapeutic value, something that cannot be duplicated in a clinical setting.

Little things can make a big difference!! Join us in reaching 1000 $10 donations!!



Upward Transitions is grateful to be one of the selected charities to participate in the Birdies for Charity 2018.  If you would like to learn more or join us in achieving our mission go to our DONATE page or visit the link below to donate!

CLICK HERE! Valero Texas Open Birdies for Charity 2018 Event